1st May 2019: ASSEN and Waikato University: Climate Change Refugees

The School of Social Sciences at the University of Waikato invites Year 9 and 10 social science teachers and extension classes/students to an afternoon workshop examining one of the critical issues of our time, climate change and the implications for human migration.

The purpose of the visit is to support the teaching of key social science themes and contribute to the promotion of social sciences within the secondary school sector. This is also an opportunity for Social Science teachers to hear from a number of leading commentators on this topic.

The topic of this workshop is the looming climate refugee crisis. We will present a workshop designed to support junior social science students learning about the environmental and social aspects of climate change and human migration. Key staff from the School of Social Sciences will give brief presentations on aspects of the climate refugee crisis today, and students will be guided through a process of defining the problem, formulating possible solutions, and considering the social actions needed to see those solutions implemented.