Waikato University Yr 9 and 10 extension day: June 21st 2017

This event is for extension students at years 9 and 10 hosted by the Waikato University Social Sciences Department on 21st June. The social sciences departments in schools have different approaches to extension at the junior level – IB, getting year 9 and 10 students to sit level one NCEA examinations and/or Cambridge Global Perspectives courses. The afternoon hosted by staff at Waikato University will cater for this variety of approaches. Schools are invited to bring groups of 3-4 students to listen to lectures and then make a presentation, using a Futures Problem solving and/or Tournament of Minds format. The topic chosen by the Waikato University Social Sciences Department is Clean Water. The university will produce a booklet on the theme for schools who enrol in the afternoon.

If you are interested in attending the junior social science afternoon at Waikato University, please email Defyd Williams d.williams@stpauls.school.nz