Senior Social Studies and NCEA

In this section we hope to bring you unit plans, lesson plans, assessments and associated resources for the different Social Studies standfards at NCEA level. As you can appreciate there is a lot to populate and any contributions will be gratefully received. To make a contribution please email us in the contact us section of this website.

Level 1 Social studies
AS91039: Describe how cultures change.
AS91040: Conduct a social inquiry.
AS91041: Describe the consequences of cultural change(s).
AS91042: Report on personal involvement in a social justice and human rights action.
AS91043: Describe a social justice and human rights action.
Level 2 Social Studies
AS91279: Demonstrate understanding of conflict(s) arising from different cultural beliefs and ideas.
AS91280: Conduct a reflective social inquiry.
AS91281: Describe how cultural conflict(s) can be addressed.
AS91282: Describe personal involvement in a social action related to rights and responsibilities.
AS91283: Describe a social action that enables communities and/or nations to meet responsibilities and exercise rights.
Level 3 Social Studies
AS91596: Demonstrate understanding of ideological responses to an issue(s).
AS91597: Conduct a critical social inquiry.
AS91598: Demonstrate understanding of how ideologies shape society.
AS91599: Examine personal involvement in a social action(s) that aims to influence policy change(s).
AS91600: Examine a campaign of social action(s) to influence policy change(s).
Cross Curricular Social Studies
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