Senior Social Studies and NCEA Content

You will have access to full unit plans, lesson plans, assessments and associated resources for the different Social Studies standards at NCEA level. These are teacher created resources, unless otherwise stated. As you can appreciate there is a lot to populate and any contributions will be gratefully received. To make a contribution please email us in the contact us section of this website.

Junior Social Studies 

In this section you will find unit plans, lesson plans and associated resources to meet the Social Studies achievement objectives at level 5. We are also keen to add resources to meet the AOs at levels 3 and 4.  If you have resources you would like to contribute please contact us through this website.

Professional Development Resources & Literature

We are aware of how important it is to understand both our curriculum area and the most effective pedagogical approaches when delivering and assessing the Social Studies curriculum. This will provide you with links to relevant reports and articles as they come to our attention. 

Building Teacher Capabilities resources

This is where we will post any and all resources from events organized by ASSEN. Powerpoints, handouts and other material from our workshops, conferences, newsletters or breakout sessions will be posted here. 

SOCCON Resources

Every two years a dedicated team of teachers in a region organises the Social Sciences Conference (SOCCON) so that we can come together in person as a community of educators to share best practice and research from across the learning area.

Cross Curricular/Integrated Learning Resources

As Social Studies teachers we are increasingly planning and teaching collaboratively with our colleagues in other learning areas. In this section of the website we will post resources that have been successfully used in cross-curricular and/or integrated learning, including project based learning approaches.

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